Monday, January 11, 2010

xkcdsucks: Overrated: The Pilot Post

(Before I start, I just have to say that I don't really get the punchline in the comic, or at least I don't see a joke, but maybe that is just my optimism that the joke isn't what I fear it is. But anyway...)

Wow. I know how Carl feels. Looking through the archives, I find so many posts that get me so mad I find myself shouting at the computer. But today, alas, was not one of those days. Instead of being filled with anger that could pass as rabies (or just as often the opposite, a resounding "word"), I found myself filled with the mediocrity spilling out of this post.

Our guest poster begins with a quite helpful explanation of zsh and the command line movement for those of you who are... less learned in the ways of the fairer operating system. The gust poster then gives a play by play of the comic, and begins to hate on, among other things, puns and .

I guess this post has succeeded in avoiding the main mistakes made by xkcdsucks. The joke was understood, and actually addressed the actual... punch line(?). There was no comment on the art (this must surely be xkcdsucks's post-punchline dialogue) and the points were valid.

That's not to say it was particularly good, either. When xkcd is terrible, I expect xkcdsucks to be good enough to make up for it. I guess when xkcd is solidly mediocre, so is xkcdsucks.

Oh, and that picture. I am scarred for life. Thanks for that. Although, a certain xkcd comes to mind for setting the president in that regard (Please, don't click on the link, you can't unsee that. Just read what Carl had to say).

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