Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maybe [Where Ever Carl Lives] will Go Too

So, there are about four things I should be doing right now, but at the moment I am doing none (Your welcome, Carl.)

I don't know, I agree with the points Carl made. Like Carl said, the idea of using dimensional analysis to prove that England is going to float off to sea is pretty funny and has some potential. There is too much going on here.

Carl did a pretty good job with this post I think. He addressed the comic (hey, these days we can't take anything for granted), critiqued specific parts (he even added in some advice on how to fix it), and pretty much did a good job overall. I guess Carl's earned his rations for today.

Not just did Carl review the comic, he even added in something more, something for general blag atmosphere. Wow. Nice little story, helps us to relate to the poster.

So overall it was a good day for xkcdsucks. I don't know what else there is to say really. Carl found some complaints, backed them up, stayed reasonable, and made an effective blog post. Anyone have any other ideas for what to say in these posts? I don't think I can review xkcd (that would be taking xkcd's thunder) and its pretty hard to review blog posts in anything more than a few sentances. Not fancy, but functional.

Blogging isn't as glorious as I'd expected (or as tv made it out to be).

PS. Isn't a college degree basically what's needed to teach science? Or was that sarcasm?

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