Monday, January 25, 2010

Coming Up with Titles is Hard (TWSS)

xkcd # 689, xkcdsucks # 365, xkcdsucks: Overrated #10

So the comic. Clever. Not particularly funny, clearly not origional (as Carl points out), but one it sure could have been worse.

Mr. Wheeler takes some of his clearly precious time to explain FIRST to those lesser beings who have not heard of it (See Carl, you can fake talk down to people and I can fake be offended). But seriously, if there's one thing xkcdsucks is good for, that's explaining the joke in an obscure xkcd, and often that's quite a feat.

Carl actually gives a fairly interesting theory on why FIRST was chosen. Now I don't know anything about FIRST beyond it being a competition for robots, but maybe it's the most popular. Or maybe he was just talking about that one with a friend and had an idea. His theory makes sense, but I just thought in the interest of fair journalism maybe several nicer ideas should be provided (actually, I just had nothing else to say about this post. I wish either Randall or Carl would take a risk for greatness/horribleness so I can have something to say about one or the other. I guess both are just in a slump right now).

P.S. According to my calculations, new xkcdsucks: Overrated posts will dominate the front page with these posts.

P.P.S I'm starting to catch up with Carl now, dang busy beaver.

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