Friday, January 22, 2010

xkcdsucks: Overrated: Live from Class

Because here at xkcdsucks: Overrated, we have class.

xkcd #688: Self Reference, xkcdsucks# 363: There Is No Title For My Post About Comic 688, xkcdsucks: Overrated #8: xkcdsucks: Overrated: Live from Class

Self reference. Not the newest or most original idea, but Randall always puts his own touch on these kinds of comics (Carl is nice enough to provide us with a selection of comics sharing this theme). I, for one, liked this one better than the SMBC, but that's not saying much. This comic had a good premise, but beyond that it was just, well, uninspired.

But on to xkcdsucks. So Carl starts onto the comic by nitpicking about specific wording. And sure, if you think about it there are ways to say these things better, but on the first read-through it was perfectly clear. More specific or technically accurate wording won't make the comic more funny, it would just satisfy the nitpickers (of which I am notoriously one). Now someone's going to argue that nitpicking is the point of a review, or that wasn't nitpicking, but it's not and it was (actually, no one's going to argue that, because the only people who read my blog are me, Carl, and my mother[she actually doesn't, if you're wondering]). You want to know if it's volume or area? What are you my math teacher?

Somewhere in there Carl says that he thinks the whole thing is just "acts like it is really clever and took a lot of hard work when it clearly didn't," especially the alt-text. Well, I think that may be basically true, except for bit about the alt-text. I thought that it was pretty clever, but after reading Carl's retort I guess it isn't (so good job Carl, I guess, but thanks for spoiling it for me).

Oh, and "pi" chart? I hope that was not intentional, because if you meant for that to be a pun... well, then you are a bad person.

P.S. Reading Carl's comments on the guest Dinosaur Comics comic made me feel sad. What is the world coming to? Dinosaur Comics is like one of those early evening sitcoms that knows it's not funny but still makes "jokes." Well, different tastes then, I guess.

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