Sunday, March 29, 2009

Comic 560: Who cares? Me cares, that's who

For someone on the internet, Carl certainly doesn't like advancements in technology. What's with the Lithium-ion hate? You don't like a pocket sized phone, under 40lbs laptops, and ...pacemakers? Rather than reasons why this xkcd sucked it big time, we got a rant about why we shouldn't care about Li-ion batteries. It seems like Carl just wants to hate xkcd, regardless of reasons.

I much prefer hating this comic for good reasons. Like why does Randal want to have a poor quality pacemaker put inside him at the beginning of his life? And why exactly does he want one of those giant brick phones anyway? Plus the fact that this comic is void of a joke.

Of course Carl decided to just ignore the point of the comic, which is that tiny R/C helicopters rule. Randall wants to have been able to enjoy them as a kid. I remember the crappy toys I had, and when I see all the awesome toys available for kids today
I look back on the crap I had.

And then this:
"Ok i'm sorry to harp on it but seriously: Why not say "my life would be better if I were really rich" ? You could buy a businessman phone if you felt like it in the late 80s, it would just be expensive and a waste of money. You could have a pacemaker installed, too, but i don't know why you would. Why not "my life would have been better if lithium batteries had been used in different products at first, targeted at a younger demographic""
That's your suggestion for a better comic? Okay, let's see how that would go.

Wow. Hilarious. Go back to pointing out the suckiness of xkcd and leave the sucky comics to Randall.


razerGT said...

No one else has commented yet, so let me be the first to say that this post is much better than most of Carl's recent stuff and I really hope you keep it up.

Adam said...

No one else has commented yet, so let me be the first to point out that Carl owns this blog, too.

razerGT said...

David is the one writing, and Carl said he'd give the site to who ever wanted it, so your point is...?

Jordan said...

Actually, that new comic was totally flippin' awesome! Maybe it wouldn't work as a regular gag, but if you come to the comic expecting a strip about some sort of technology and suddenly you get the profound insight that "life would be better if I were really rich" then it takes you offguard and akes you laugh,